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We are innovative and think out of the box to meet an exceed our targets

We are flexible and easily adapt to dynamic trends

We are passionate about knowledge sharing and the well-being of our customers and we drive this meticulously.

ULTIMATE HEALTH MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED a duly registered Company in Nigeria with RC Number: 723347 is a National Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) established in December, 2007 with a strong commitment to delivering qualitative and excellent preventive/curative medical services to all strata of the society at very reasonable and affordable rates.
We are a foremost healthcare financing Company headquartered in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory. At Ultimate Health HMO we provide healthcare coverage and services with rich clerical knowledge and expertise in organizing financial and healthcare resources to best serve specific unique needs
We provide these unparalleled healthcare services through a strictly NHIS accredited network of Health Care Facilities-HCFs ranging from primary to tertiary care across the nation. We complement this network of facilities with Specialists/Consultants Panel consisting of credible medical professionals that offer personalized services whenever and wherever.


We leverage a robust software and technology to develop modernized healthcare systems, analyse data and provide truly tested services. we stop at nothing to put a smile on the faces of our enrollees and also work harmoniously with healthcare facilities to cultivate a stronger culture of service excellence.
We also have a National Ambulance Network consisting of Hospitals/Clinics as well as privately owned ambulances. These ambulances are utilized for the intra and interstate emergency evacuation of enrollees when necessary.
Every enrollee also has access to regularly up-dated educational pack and electronic health tips that teaches how to prevent illness and promote good health.
Our 24-hour call centre numbers are available everywhere including the back of every HEALTHCARD for clarifications and enquiries.

Our Mission

To positively revolutionize the managed care concept by developing innovative customized healthcare products to suit the needs of different segments of the society, while promoting the highest standards of quality healthcare practice and service delivery in Nigeria and beyond.

Our Core Values

Customer satisfaction, innovation, integrity, professionalism.

Our Vision

To be the trailblazer, always leading in the provision of world-class managed care services.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the managed care concept by developing customized healthcare products to suit the needs of different segments of the society.

Our Team

Lekan Ewenla

Lekan Ewenla

Kunle Ewenla

Kunle Ewenla

General Manager
Nancy Omogui

Nancy Omogui

Idris Shuayb

Idris Shuayb



Our operation as a health maintenance organization runs 24/7. You can reach our call centre by calling 0700 ULTIMATE (0700 858 46283). You can also visit our offices. 

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