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Making strategic purchasing important in health insurance

Strategic purchasing is a concept not fully implemented in the health care industry by the public most probably as a result of insufficient information of this concept.

Strategic purchasing in the context of the healthcare consumer (end user) simply means making and taking the right decisions towards accessing the best healthcare available within the available purchasing power or income level.
One great way of ensuring access to quality healthcare, or in order words exercising healthcare strategic purchasing, is in choosing the right health maintenance organization (HMO) or healthcare provider for your specific needs.

Many of us are unaware of the right things to lookout for when it comes to health insurance and strategic purchasing bridges that gap of health insurance knowledge.

Passive purchasing which is the other side of the coin of strategic purchasing means not doing due diligence when choosing a health maintenance organization or a health care facility or knowing what medical insurance package is right for you.

It is therefore right to say that a carefully thought out process for you and your family’s healthcare needs assessment would go a long way to implement healthcare strategic purchasing so as to get the best
health insurance package and benefits using your available resources and in turn properly managing your finances and income.
Some advantages of carrying out strategic purchasing as a healthcare consumer includes :
1. It helps you define your service entitlements and create a positive relationship with your HMO and healthcare provider.
2. Strategic purchasing ensures affordability and sustainability of health care for you and your family.
3. To a large extent, strategic purchasing promotes effective financial and income management.
4. Strategic purchasing ensures transparency and accountability from your HMO or healthcare provider.

These are just a few examples for the need to utilize strategic purchasing when you decide to use health care insurance and services.

Always remember one of the best things you can invest in is your health. So, a wise investment is important and strategic purchasing is key to a wise healthcare investment.

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